Ty Huynh

About me

Starting in mid-2019, when I graduate is also the real estate market is hotter than ever. The prospect of wearing a luxurious suite, working in a dynamic environment, meeting the rich and successful people … inspired me to step into real estate brokerage. With all the enthusiasm, enthusiasm and determination of the young, I always try to learn, cultivate knowledge and practice skills every day. Because real estate salesman requires employees to constantly learn. Besides professional knowledge, a salesman must be very good at soft skills and always integrate more relevant knowledge such as feng shui, architecture, legal,… to be ready to advise when customers have questions or remove problems. I feel so blessed that when I took my first steps, I was accompanied by HomeNext. I believe that in the future, I will be able to be proud that I succeed because I have dared to think and dream. Moreover, on the way to that success, I definitely receive the support from great people. The main goal is the driving force for success. It is the members of the HomeNext family – who have been believing in personal values, want to give opportunities to young people like me to make a real difference, and also inspire them. The real action, creating real value for society.


“Dare to dream and strive for success”

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