About us



Home Next is a real estate service company headquartered at: No. 77, Street No. 8, KDC Hiep Thanh 3, Thu Dau Mot, Binh Duong. We focus on the following main businesses:

– Consulting real estate project development strategies

– Consulting on sales and marketing strategies of real estate projects (Apartments, Townhouses, Villas)

– Real estate brokerage (Apartments, Townhouses, Villas,…)

– Rental broker (Retail, Commercial area, serviced apartment)

– Sales and marketing training for startups and SMEs

– Free sales, marketing and leadership training for universities, non-profit organizations

HomeNext’s Journey

HomeNext – Real estate agency in Binh Duong was officially born with the guidance of CEO – Tong Tran Duong.

HomeNext has the first steps on the way to conquer the real estate market in Binh Duong with the distribution of projects.

HomeNext initially developed on the Binh Duong real estate market. With distribution activities of large projects and projects with foreign investors.

HomeNext with the goal of becoming a leading consultancy in the Southeast region, we continue to focus on developing and brand building.


“I was nearly 10 years working for popular real estate corporations, including units from the US and Japan such as CBRE or Tokyu. I observed and understood why they exist for more than a hundred years. They have a long-term and consistent vision in business development, and customer satisfaction. The age of the business will be directly proportional to the vision and the strategy applied to that vision. In addition, these corporations find human resources as a core in building and developing businesses. This is a prerequisite for the existence and development of the business.”

CEO HomeNext – Duong Tong

Home Next was born, based on the learned lessons and great philosophy that founder Duong Tong observes and summarizes experiences from the aforementioned popular corporations. However, at Home Next, our philosophy is different in focusing on developing human resources. And through civilized, high-class, skilled professionals team, HomeNext will spread business values to the market, customers, communities, and society.

Home Next is a shortened word for the slogan, also our business philosophy: Home For Next Generation. Our generations include the talented employees of the Millenial and Z generation, who are children – children of the customer. Communities, society, and the world will be better off if we think about the next generation in our activities. We take the lead in spreading this philosophy, joining hands to create a transparent and professional real estate market. This is concretized by our core values: Integrity, Humanity, Professionalism, and Innovation.



We always choose to do the right things, and uphold professional ethics. Profit is very important, but it is second to the trust and love of the customers. We accept no returns to uphold our integrity. We accept to lose in short-term competition, to keep this core value of the business.


Business is the way to make people’s lives better. Therefore, we are always looking for opportunities to demonstrate this value throughout the way of business


We always try to give our customers the best service experience with our professionalism, care, and dedication.


HomeNext always appreciates intangible and tangible resources. With the motto of using the minimum of resources, we attach much importance to creativity. Creativity is a kind of ability that helps us face difficulties, help us grow and break traditional boundaries. And above all, creativity helps us achieve the best results with the least resources.


At Home Next, we don’t just focus on growing our business and making a profit. We devote our time and resources to team development, as well as other social work. HomeNext Team is encouraged to practice 2 habits: Reading and Sports.

Inspired Monday: Every Monday morning, we don’t work, don’t have meetings, we just read books, drink tea, and tell each other how our weekend is, or what planned plans for the new week. Founder Duong Tong observed and realized that: Monday is a very haunting and exhausting day for working people. So we changed that, by choosing another activity called Reading. Reading helps us increase knowledge, and be inspired and motivated by the great books, for a week of inspiration and happiness.

Knowledgeable Thursday: Every Thursday morning, we will learn important skills to integrate with the fast-changing industry 4.0.

SSR – Startup Social Responsibility: We show our social responsibilities from the very beginning, through education. The highly qualified and professional leaders will provide free training courses on professional knowledge and soft skills for university, as well as young people just starting to work because they need learned lessons and core values to start their careers.

Care: Before speaking or doing, we always think and care about the feelings of others. “Care to be cared – Take care of others, to be cared about” is one of our core values. When receiving the attention of colleagues, salespeople will feel and learn how to care for customers dedicatedly and subtly.

Help: Help is a beautiful verb – We are always actively looking for opportunities to help others. Includes people who are not directly related to business operations.

Be humble: The greater the achievement – the greater the result so we need to be humble. Not being complacent about what we have, not being arrogant about what you do, always carefully keeping the values we get. Because everyone sometimes does not bring it when it rains.