Our Projects

Our projects come from many popular the domestic and foreign developers. Moreover we incessantly raise the quality of service in delivering customers satisfaction. Customers’ satisfaction is our pride.

Latest project

HomeNext will be the best at providing advisory services and real estate brokerage services in Southeast Viet Nam.

HomeNext will be the first name which springs to people whenever they have real estate needs in Southeast.

HomeNext will be official and trustful partner of many foreign investors.

By 2023 – Listed stock exchange and become a professional consultancy in Vietnam with 100% capital of the Vietnamese.

Core values: integrity – profession – humanity – creation

Human strategyWe consider human resources is strong crucial component that makes company take off. Both talent and good personality are always parallel in decision to offer candicates going with us.

We create an open working environment to maximize their potentials as well as creativities. We always have an open mind on their opinions and respect their contributions.

Development strategyWe will be the best at providing intermediate and luxury range products which are apartment, condomidium, terrace house.

Providing investment solutions and settlements for middle and upper classes (for children – next generation as objects)

Make positive and civilized impact on environment and business community, taking ourself as spearding out

Our customers are from various different countries. Then how do we deal with it?

Besides providing good quality products. Memorable service is one of the first ones springing to us whenever we meet customers.

We consider customers as the member of our family. If they are happy, so are we!

Company Name: HomeNext Property Brokerage Company Limited
Short name: HomeNext Corporation (HomeNext Corp – HNC)
Tax code: 3702591510
Head office: 77, No 8 Street, Hiep Thanh 3 Ward, Thu Dau Mot, Binh Duong

The meaning of the name “HomeNext” and our mission: HomeNext is shortened from our slogan: ‘Home for next generation’. And our slogan is rooted in our business mission: To build and deliver better homes for our next generation.

HomeNext is a business unit that creates and contributes value to customers and the community, and is the place to work, learn and grow for the young generation. They will become the core force helping Binh Duong develop actively and sustainably.

We are dynamic, reliable and responsible team.

We are in young age, full of energy and always working with passion.

Our pride is from your satisfactory.


Ms. Shen Hui Lin – Manager

The Real estate agents in Binh Duong is growing rapidly. However, I trust on HomeNext – A company was just established in short time but they have been working in a professional way. They are very enthusiastic. Their offers meet all of my requirements.

Ben Jamin – Bussines Owner

For a foreigner like me, before making decision to sign the contract I need to be advised carefully and clearly. After meeting HomeNext, I found professional working enviroment, all of sale executives made me feel secure. I will introduce HomeNext to my friends

Mr. Wayne Yang – Manager

HomeNext is professional agent, helping me to find a great apartment. I enjoyed their great service. I trust on them, I will introduce HomeNext to both my friends and my relatives for sure.

Mr. He Jia Yang – Service manager

I was introduced to buy C - SkyView at Home Next Corporation. I was consulted and understood the legal related to. I really enjoy their service. For sure I will introduce to my friends

Jerry Chang – General manager

Home Next is professional agent. The staff is enthusiasm and friendly. They understand about customer needs well. I am satisfied and trust on Home Next. I will offer both my friends and my relatives to their service

Woo Sangho – Business owner

I know HomeNext accidentally and that is right choice for me. Work enviroment are dynamic and professional. I think HomeNext will go further in this potential field.

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